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Express Alert - Smart way to find more suitable opportunities!
Wondering how you can work on your presence in order to get best of job opportunities. “Express Alert” Services is the answer for you! An exclusive “Career Panel's” services. Set up a “Express Alert” to be notified...


career service

Maximize Reach -Best effort to enhance your job opportunities!
Profile Highlighter is the perfect blend that helps you create global network, when your resume is sent to placement consultants as well as you get the notification on your registered mobile phone,email.


career service

Social Media Profiling -Get Referrals by more then 2000+ recruiter
In today’s competitive job market, it is important for you to stand out on paper, in person, and even online. In addition to impressive, easy – to read resumes and smart, personable


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Career Branding – Career branding is about managing your name
“Brand yourself for the career you want, not the job you have.” Your brand is a gateway to your true work. Career Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.


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About Career Panels

"Career Panels"is one of the India’s leading job portals with its 10+Lac users and more then 25+thousands recruiters, rising global networks across the world.” It;s an opcoming online recruitment site established, dedicated to helping you find best opportunity and services which can help you in getting the right opportunity or the right candidate for your office. Lots of agencies and employers use our website every day to find people just like you.
We know that looking for a job can be frustrating and Jobsite aim to take the pain out of job hunting. Our intelligent search and matching technology saves you from the hassle of searching through thousands of options, bringing you and recruiters together options every day to find you the right one.

Profession Seek-our work is searching for your best options avalable in mrket. We are passionate about building long term relationship. Profession Seek has established itself as a trusted partner for many people who require external assistance to meet their carrier and employment goals. Currently we are helping individuals and companies in India.
We're not rigid in our approach toward our client as everyone’s different and we’re always willing to show flexibility so that we can accommodate your unique requirements. So, whether you’re a Job hunter looking for a right job or a recruitment agency/employer looking for the right candidate. Just tell ‘us’ what you need and we’ll help you get it.